New York Rangers Alain Vigneault has a number in mind to make the playoffs
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The New York Rangers are back from the All-Star break with the playoff push front and center. How many points will it take to make the playoffs Alain Vigneault?

The New York Rangers hit the ice on Tuesday afternoon and the talk, like everyone else in the NHL, was how many points will it take to make the playoffs. The Rangers head coach has it all worked out:

“You hear different numbers, generally they say 96 is what’ll get you in. Right now, it looks like it might be a little less than that. A lot of times, after the trade deadline, some teams fade a little bit, but it’ll be close to 96.”

That is the answer he gave to Steve Zipay of Newsday. It’s going to take a lot more work, a lot better hockey, and a lot of players stepping up and scoring goals for the team to hit this number.

The Rangers are 25-20-5 for 55 points and have 32 regular season games remaining on the season which means there are 64 total points available to them. There are a variety of different ways the Rangers can get to 96. They need to lock up 41 points. One would think the Rangers are going to have to win 21 out of the final 32 games (excluding overtime loses which would change the equation) to hit their mark.

The Rangers are going to have to improve in all areas of their game and hope that Henrik Lundqvist can continue his great play in order for the Rangers to make this happen.

There is one other factor to consider for the team and its called the NHL trade deadline. The Rangers are going to have to get this done in the middle of rumors of players moving, the media constantly asking the same questions and the real possibility that some very good players will be gone prior to Feb. 26.

“I’m not all at all concerned about white noise surrounding any trade period,” Vigneault said. “As a player you’re professional and you focus on what you need to do.”

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