Rick Dennison
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison is expected to join the New York Jets coaching staff.

Todd Bowles coaching staff with the 2018 New York Jets is starting to come together as we head deeper into the 2018 offseason, with the team expected to add former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Rick Dennison to the fold, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Dennison’s first and only year in Buffalo didn’t go so well, as the Bills finished 29th in total yards and 22nd in scoring in 2017. While all of the blame isn’t on Dennison’s shoulders, he became the fall guy for the team’s lack of production.

In his new role with the Jets, he’ll be the run-game coordinator and offensive line coach. This will hit two birds with one stone and save the Jets some green.

Interestingly enough, the Bills had a top-six rushing attack last season, so his expertise as a run-game coordinator should help the Jets maintain some balance in 2018.

There’s also some familiarity here. Dennison worked with new Jets offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates when both were with the Denver Broncos, while he was a member of the Houston Texans when Jets general manager Mike Maccagnan was running Houston’s scouting department.

While he’s not an in-house hire, as Bates was to replace former offensive coordinator John Morton, his familiarity with Bates and Maccagnan should serve the Jets well—and make him a sensible addition to the coaching staff.

Of course, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered for the green and white as we head into a pivotal offseason. Who the heck is playing quarterback?. What kind of offense will the Jets be running? Finally, how different will this team look when things kick off in September?

With free agency and the 2018 NFL Draft to come, you can expect a lot of fireworks at 1 Jets Drive.

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