Super Bowl 52 Eagles Patriots
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

In what is an unpopular Super Bowl matchup for New York Giants fans this week, who should they be rooting for in Super Bowl 52 between the Eagles and the Patriots?

It’s a dilemma that some New York Giants fans will have for the next week or so as they get to watch Super Bowl 52. It was a rough 2017 for the organization on the field and now their fanbase has arguably the worst matchup to watch in the Super Bowl as the Philadelphia Eagles face the New England Patriots in Minnesota on February 4th.

So, the question for Giants fans is this: Do they root for a division rival in the Eagles or do they decide to root for the combination of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to win their sixth Super Bowl with the Patriots? It may seem a dilemma to some, but the answer should be clear. It’s the Patriots.

Now, before I get into the reasons why, let me throw out the disclaimer that everybody’s fandom is different and I am not trying to change your reasons for being a fan.

First off, if you are a Giants fan, you should want the bragging rights amongst your Eagles friends. You still hold over them that you have four Super Bowls as an organization while Philadelphia has yet to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. An Eagles win takes that water cooler topic edge away from you.

Plus, wouldn’t you want to be the only team that can say they handed Brady and company their only two Super Bowl losses? If Nick Foles and the Eagles win next Sunday, Philly can join the Giants in that elusive company. While 2007 and 2011 can’t be taken away, it’s better to be by yourself in that category than to share it with a hated rival.

Of course, this could all be determined by who you are watching the Super Bowl with. The popular stance right now is to hate the Patriots unless you are a Patriots fan of course. Jets fans will be rooting for the Eagles, so that could play a factor in who you decide to support while you might be with friends and family.

When Giants fans think of the Patriots, they don’t think about New England’s Super Bowl wins. Instead, they think about 18-1, David Tyree, the Mario Manningham catch, and a lot of happy moments. If it’s the Eagles, you aren’t exactly quick to relive bad memories of DeSean Jackson, Donovan McNabb, and all the Eagles of yesteryear.

In many cases, a fan will side with the conference that their team plays in for the Super Bowl. While division rivalries might not mean as much as they did in the past, it is hard to see Giants fans rooting for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl because of the past history between these two teams and their fanbases.

For one, they already have their franchise quarterback in Carson Wentz and rising head coach Doug Pederson. Their future appears to be bright regardless of what happens in Minneapolis. Plus, they are the team that blew out the Vikings and shut down the offense that was run by New York’s new head coach, Pat Shurmur.

It is understandable that the Super Bowl will not be the easiest watch for Giants fans and they will look forward to a new season once the confetti comes down on whichever team wins. Then, some form of optimism can start to set in regarding the future.

Let us know if you are a Giants fan and who do you want to win this year’s Super Bowl and why?

I graduated from St. John's University with a degree in sports management. I previously wrote about the Johnnies at Rumble In the Garden.