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Former Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier finally meets ‘thumbs-down guy’

Free-agent third baseman Todd Frazier and “thumbs-down guy,” Gary Dunaier, finally met face-to-face on Saturday.

“Thumbs-down guy” became a viral sensation after he was seen giving then-New York Yankees third baseman Todd Frazier the gesture after Frazier hit a home run at Citi Field against the Tampa Bay Rays (the game was moved due to Hurricane Irma). Frazier gave the gesture after getting a hit in the following game and it took off, becoming a rallying cry for the Yankees and their fans.

The two men met Saturday afternoon at Roosevelt Field Mall when Frazier was doing an autograph signing, and Gary Dunaier, better known as “thumbs-down guy,” decided to go, according to John Healy at the New York Daily News.

Dunaier, who became so internet famous he even got his own bobblehead, seemed to enjoy meeting Frazier.

“It was great,” Dunaier told Healy. “We chatted for a little, talked about the fate of everything and how it all worked out.”

Frazier also seemed to enjoy his meeting with the man he helped turn into a meme.

“It was good,” said Frazier. “He’s a nice guy, to finally meet him and he looks good, he’s playing the part off well. He looks like an upstanding gentleman and it was nice to finally meet him.”

Frazier has not been re-signed by the Yankees, something ESNY’s Ryan Morik recently broke down. Dunaier is a life-long New York Mets fan, so it’s possible he was attempting to recruit Frazier to the Yankees cross-town rivals.

The Mets are in need of a third baseman, and signing Frazier would allow them to pencil Asdrubal Cabrera at second base and put Wilmer Flores in a utility role.

Frazier did make thumbs-down guy into a meme. The least he could do is sign with Dunaier’s favorite team.

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