The New York Yankees took down the Tampa Bay Rays at Citi Field but Todd Frazier took down one of their disgruntled fans.

Todd Frazier has been slowly growing in the eyes of New York Yankees fans. At first, they were extremely displeased that Frazier was traded to the Yankees.

However, Frazier may have just won over several Yankees fans today when he used his celebration as a way to mock one disgruntled Rays fan on live television.

Remember this guy? He stole the show on Monday night’s game by showing his distaste for the Yankees’ latest home run.

And who hit that home run? Todd Frazier, of course.

As if winning the game wasn’t enough for Frazier, he had to have his revenge on Wednesday afternoon.

After getting on base, instead of doing the Yankees’ new finger point system, he went rogue and instead opted for a thumbs-down.

Was he mocking the grumpy Rays fan? Looking at all the facts, it seems that, yes, he probably was. But we won’t know for sure until someone brings it up to him.

Thanks for disappointing me, Meredith. I was watching postgame interviews with the impression that we would find out the truth. Time to ask the hard-hitting questions.

Frazier may be giving the thumbs-down but we’re giving him the thumbs-up for his recent performance.

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