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Since taking over as quarterback of the New England Patriots in 2001, Tom Brady and the Patriots dominance seems stronger than ever 17 seasons later.

On Sunday, the New York Jets played their final game of the 2017 season against the New England Patriots.

Since that fateful day of September 23, 2001, when the history of the New England Patriots changed thanks to Mo Lewis hitting Drew Bledsoe, the Jets have had to deal with their nemesis, Tom Brady.

December 31, 2017, was no different from many of the other days that Brady and company tortured the Jets for starting his Hall of Fame career.

Brady and Patriots continue their dominance over the AFC East

For the 15th time in 17 seasons, the Patriots have won the AFC East. The Patriots have won at least 13 games seven times in their history, all coming since 2003. Those seven 13-win seasons are the second most in the Super Bowl era. The 49ers have the most with nine.

Since Tom Brady made his first start in Week 3 of 2001, the Patriots are 43-7 in home games against their division. That .860 win pct is the league’s best. New England has won 25 of its last 27 games at home against the AFC East.

Brady continues to write his own record book against the New York Jets

For the 25th time in 31 regular season starts, Brady came out victorious against Gang Green. No other quarterback has more than four wins against the Jets since 2001.

Brady finished with 190 passing yards, and two touchdown passes. He has 13 TD passes and zero interceptions in his last six home games against the Jets.

Tom Brady
Last Six Home Games vs Jets
W-L *6-0
Comp-Att 134-236
Pass Yards *2,558
TD-INT 13-0

For the sixth time in his career, Brady finished a season with 30+ touchdown passes and fewer than 10 interceptions. In 2017, he threw 32 touchdown passes and only eight INT.

Next season Tom Brady will be 41 years old. This season he broke the NFL record book for quarterbacks’ performance at age 40.

In one season, Brady tied Brett Favre for most wins by any quarterback since the merger age 40+. Favre won 13 games total in his 40s. Brady won 13 games in ONE SEASON at age 40. Brady led the NFL in passing yards this season. He became the oldest quarterback in NFL history to lead the NFL in passing yards, finishing with 4,577 yards.

Most Wins by Starting QB Age 40+
Super Bowl Era
Tom Brady *13-3>
Brett Favre *13-12
Warren Moon *11-14
Vinny Testaverde *8-17
>All Wins Coming in 2017

Opposite directions since 2010

The 2017 season is the seventh time that the Patriots have clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs under Tom Brady. Five of those previous times, New England has gone on to the Super Bowl. The only season they failed to do so was in 2010, when the Jets defeated the Patriots 28-21 in the AFC Divisional Round.

Speaking of that game, that was the last time the Jets won a playoff game. After that victory, the future for the Jets was the highest it had been since their victory in Super Bowl III. However, since that win, the opposite has occurred. Instead of Gang Green taking over the AFC East and building off that win, they have gone backward. New York has gone 46-67 (.414) since that victory and has not qualified for the postseason since.

New England has gone 87-23 (.790) since that loss. They have won the AFC East and reached the AFC Championship Game every season, won the AFC three times and won the Super Bowl twice.

The more statistics given, the more Jets fans get depressed. The dominance that New England has shown since Brady took over at quarterback has been amazingly consistent and utterly frustrating for Jets fans. Despite Brady’s age, it seems like his play and the Patriots dominance will never end. However, believe it or not, the Jets took steps this season to change the course of events in the AFC starting as soon as next season. While no one can promise that things will change, there is some hope that the Jets can compete with the Patriots for the AFC East very soon.

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