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Fan asks Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin to sign Paul Millsap card in letter (Video)

Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin was asked by a fan to sign a card not of himself, but of Denver Nuggets forward Paul Millsap.

Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin shared a video on YouTube of him opening his fan mail recently. One piece of mail that he received involved a strange request from a fan.

One fan sent Lin a letter requesting his autograph. The letter included a card for Lin to sign, but, interestingly enough, the card wasn’t a card of Lin. The card was of Denver Nuggets forward Paul Millsap.

Though strange, the fan apologized for not having a card of the Nets guard.

The first question that I have for the fan that sent that letter is, “Are you even a Jeremy Lin fan?” If so, how could you not have a Jeremy Lin card? Also, why send a Millsap card to someone other than Paul Millsap? Why Millsap and not LeBron James?

Unfortunately for you, fan, Lin isn’t going to sing your Millsap card. Did you really think that he was going to sign a card that wasn’t of himself? However, he is sending you a signed bobblehead of himself. So consider yourself lucky that you’re getting Lin’s autograph at all.

Lin also sent the Millsap card back to you so that you have a chance to get Millsap to sign it.

Lin and Millsap have never together, but Lin has called Millsap a “tremendous, tremendous player.” Maybe Lin could bring the fan to a Nuggets game so that the fan can have Millsap sign the fan’s Millsap card.

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