Bryce Petty New York Jets
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The New York Jets have officially been eliminated from the playoffs, continuing their reign of mediocrity. 

The New York Jets may not be heading to the playoffs in 2017, but the future sure looks bright.

Although that first line shouldn’t surprise anyone reading this post because it was openly talked about and agreed with that the Jets could realistically not win a single game in 2017. Yet with two games to go, they’re 5-9.

Todd Bowles needs to be given an extension or at least given a vote of confidence by slightly new ownership Christopher Johnson. Bowles has exceeded piss poor expectations and still when his team has quite literally nothing to play for, gets his team up.

The Jets may have lost to the New Orleans Saints, but they were more game than they should’ve been. That’s a credit to the Saints. A team mind you that is 10-4 and is labeled one of the best teams in football.

This team had every reason to pack it in for the season. Their starting quarterback for the past 13 games was ruled out for the season. Bryce Petty was in at quarterback and is 1-3 (now 1-4) as a career starter.

Speaking of Petty, it’s official he’s the starter next week at home against the LA Chargers, per the head coach (audio below).

Which basically puts the final nail in the Christian Hackenberg coffin. While there is one more game after this week, it’s at the New England Patriots. It would make little-to-no sense if the Jets decided for Hackenberg’s first career start to come in hostile territory on the last game of the season.

I’ve never heard of a bust label being thrown around for a guy who hasn’t even touched the field in one regular season snap. I guess I’d rather a guy admit he made a mistake, then pretend this guy can be THE guy.

So now the goal for ‘Magic Mike’ is hoping he can do another magic trick. He turned a problem child in Sheldon Richardson into a premium draft pick (2018 second round pick) and a viable receiver. Can he turn Hackenberg into a future draft choice?

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