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Adam Henrique gets revenge on the Devils with highlight reel goal (video)

Adam Henrique scored a pretty goal against the New Jersey Devils in his return to the Prudential Center with his new team.


Getting traded sucks, there’s no way around it. Even though players understand the game is a business, uprooting your personal life at the drop of a hat to go play with a new group of teammates is tough to do, and it hurts the pride of a player to be moved.

As much as players always talk about their first game against their former team just being another game for them, they want to show the brass that they made a mistake in trading them. Adam Henrique got that chance tonight, as the Anaheim Ducks came to the Prudential Center to play the New Jersey Devils, and he took advantage.

Henrique made a great play to score his goal, starting with a solid, defensively responsible play to carry the puck out of his own zone. After getting the pucks out, he flipped it over the head of the man he was traded for Sami Vatanen.

More often then not when that happens the defenseman is able to get it and there is no harm to the defending team. But Henrique was having none of that.

He used his speed to race around the unsuspecting defenseman, pushing past him to collect the puck with a lane towards the net.

Henrique used his weight and body position to keep Vatanen from getting a stick on the puck, however, doing that forced him onto his backhand.

Devils goalie Corey Schneider began cheating to his right, expecting his former teammate to try and get the puck back to his forehand before taking the shot. However, Henrique broke out all the moves against his former team and flipped a backhand shot top shelf over the left shoulder of Schneider to put the Ducks up 3-1.

Welcome back to the Rock, Adam.

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