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Sterling Shepard scores on a 67 yard catch and run (Video)

New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard turned a short pass into an impressive 67-yard touchdown against Philadelphia in Week 15.

The Giants season is over, but they still have something to play for today. The Eagles are looking for a first-round bye in the NFC playoffs, and the Giants would like nothing more than to stop their rivals from pulling it off.

Sterling Shepard gave the Giants a huge hand toward achieving that goal in the second quarter, taking a short crossing route for a long touchdown.

Shepard got freed up after tight end Rhett Ellison set a pick on the man covering him, getting him separation. The pick technically could have been ruled offensive pass interference, but Ellison did a good enough job of making it look accidental that is wasn’t called.

Eli Manning made the choice to give it to Shepard running across the middle as a check down. As is usual for the passing attack this season, the pocket collapsed and Manning was forced to throw it short.

Shepard caught it and turned upfield, getting the first down on the third-and-two. He then took it around the outside of a block thrown on linebacker Nigel Bradham, leaving him with just one man to beat.

Shepard then used his speed to get around the outside of safety Rodney McCleod, who made a failed attempt at a diving tackle on the slot receiver. After getting around McCleod, Shepard was able to take it the last 30 yards with no defender around him and walk it into the end zone.

That was only the second touchdown of the year for the newly engaged second-year receiver, who had eight scores in his rookie year. His only other touchdown came in Week 3, also against the Eagles. Shepard also collected a touchdown in each game against the Eagles in his rookie season, giving him four in his first four games against the division rival.

Eli Manning got his 50th touchdown pass against the Eagles on the play.

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