New York Jets: What are fans left to think after Sunday's embarrassment?
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After gaining just 100 total yards in being shutout by the Broncos, what are Jets fans supposed to expect from this franchise?

Heading into Sunday’s matchup against the Denver Broncos, the numbers were not favorable for the New York Jets.

The Jets had lost four of their last five games against the Broncos. They had won just three times in their last 11 meetings in Denver—including the postseason—going back to 1969.

Overall the Jets had lost seven straight games against AFC West opponents on the road, with their last win coming, against Denver, back in October 2010.

Denver had lost three straight home games – they hadn’t lost four straight home games since 1993-94 and hadn’t lost four straight home games within the same season since 1990.

If there were any reason for ready-made excuses to lose heading into Denver, the 2017 New York Jets certainly had enough numbers to choose from.

After the first half was completed, not much had changed to make the Jets and their fans feel better.

Through the first 30 minutes, the Broncos had outgained the Jets 146-40.

Forty yards. That is not a misprint.

Most NFL teams would have come out on fire. Someone in the locker room would have pulled a Marty Lyons and thrown a chair through a chalkboard.

Not on this team.

The second half was better than the first half—they gained 60 yards—but still totally pathetic.

Despite all those numbers being against them, there are still Jets fans that look forward to watching this franchise play every Sunday. There are fans that purposely make time to allow this team to be part of their day.

What are they supposed to think after seeing the effort they put out on Sunday?

The New York Jets have now played 13 games this season. In 10 of those games, the Jets looked like a legitimate NFL team that had a chance to win each contest. In the other three games, they looked overwhelmed, over-matched and disinterested.

As poor as their play was in losses at the Bills and Raiders in the first two games of the season, the loss against the Broncos on Sunday was purely a disaster. Losses like that make Jets fans realize that taking time out of their life to root for this franchise just might be a huge mistake.

After all, this is a franchise that will have now missed the postseason for the seventh straight year. They have not played a postseason game at home since Jan. 4, 2003. They have played just five home playoff games total since the AFL-NFL merger. Tom Brady has hosted 20 home playoff games himself.

The Jets have won just two division titles since the merger. Every other current franchise, minus the Detroit Lions who have won three, has won at least four. That type of failure as an organization can make fans extremely upset when they see games like Sunday. For fans that have taken time every Sunday to sit in front of their TV and watch this franchise, it makes it seem like they are wasting their time.

On Sunday the Jets finished with 100 total yards. That was their lowest total since they finished with just 76 total yards in a 42-3 home loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on December 12, 1976.

All of the progress and hope they had instilled in their fan base so far this season went up in smoke in 60 minutes.

So the question remains, just what is this team and what can Jets fans expect not only for the rest of this season, but to take into next season?

The Jets have three games left to answer those questions.

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