New York Jets Daily, 12/12/17: Turning the page to the 2018 NFL Draft
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The New York Jets are now in full tank mode after an injury to Josh McCown. Plus there’s a compromise between Todd Bowles and the Jets.

Sunday afternoon saw an emotional press conference from former New York Jets starting quarterback Josh McCown after the 23-0 loss to the Denver Broncos.

‘Former’ because McCown suffered a broken hand in the loss and it’s likely that the Jets are going to the bullpen. But no need for speculation there because head coach Todd Bowles said if McCown is unable to go, the Jets will go with Bryce Petty.

Which is the only move to make, by the way. Up next for the Jets, as they continue their road trip, is a trip to New Orleans, which is a hostile environment that is no place for a young quarterback to have his first career start.

The Jets should start Christian Hackenberg the following week against the Los Angeles Chargers for their last home game of the season.

While Bowles initially didn’t want to go to the youngsters, now he has no choice. But this couldn’t have worked out better for Bowles and the franchise.

Bowles and the Jets were battling conflicts of interest. Bowles was trying to win as many games as possible to save his tail—the sole reason for going with McCown. While the Jets ideally would like to see the younger guys on the roster to see what they have and in essence, decide to lose and get better draft positioning.

Now Bowles has done enough to save his job, thanks to McCown, and now the Jets can get what they want by losing and seeing younger players. It’s a compromise. A win-win scenario.

For those interested, the Jets currently hold the ninth overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft if it started today. But they only sit one game out from rising all the way to the fifth overall pick.

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