Janoris Jenkins
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Thursday, New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins took his shots at the one group no athlete should ever cross—the fans.

“I don’t care what they say.”

That’s the message that New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins sent to the team’s loyal fans after practice on Thursday.

“They question one game? Question the other 36,” Jenkins told Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News. “Question the other 36 games. Out of 1? Question the other 36 games. Hey, it be like that. Sometimes you ain’t gonna have the best game. Everybody know that. One of out 36 games? I don’t care what they say.”

As Leonard aptly notes, Jenkins is making things up. He’s played just 22 regular season games for Big Blue and 82 in his career.

Which makes the back page of Friday’s Daily News all the more appropriate.

Jackass indeed. But that’s not the point.

The point is that Jenkins, like nearly all of his teammates, has quit on the season. Quit on each other. And, most certainly, quit on the fans. The same fans who pay exorbitant prices to watch a 1-9 team play in person.

Parting ways with him now, in Week 11, doesn’t make any sense. Same goes for head coach Ben McAdoo (or, as my Mom likes to call him, McAdoodoo), general manager Jerry Resse and everyone else responsible for one of the most embarrassing seasons in franchise history.

The season is lost. The Giants are already committed to paying these guys, so they might as well see if they can ride them to the top overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. But once the season is over? It’s time to clean house.

And Jenkins needs to be swept out the door along with the rest of the trash.

While he’s due tens of millions through the 2020 season, the Giants would create some significant cap room by cutting him after the season. Per Spotrac, here’s how parting ways with Jenkins would impact the team’s finances. Note: All figures are in millions.

Season Cap Hit Dead Cap Hit Difference
2018 $13 $6 $7
2019 $12.25 $4 $7.75
2020 $12.25 $2 $9.75
Totals $37.5 $12 $24.5

The Giants would wind up creating $13 million in cap room over the next three seasons, including $7 million in 2018. That’d be helpful for a team with a roster that’s full of holes.

When he’s motivated and decides to play, there’s no question that Jenkins is one of the NFL’s elite corners. That’s the problem: For all the money the Giants are paying him, he should be giving maximum effort each and every Sunday. He’s not.

So Janoris here’s a message from Giants fans, one that we know you’ll understand: We don’t care what you think or say, either.

Adios, Hopalong. Watch the door on your way out.

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