New York Giants Won’t Make Coaching Changes Until Season Is Over (Report)
(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Ben McAdoo’s job is safe for now as the New York Giants won’t make any coaching changes until after this dismal season is over.

Even though there are reports that the New York Giants could fire head coach Ben McAdoo soon, the coach isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, the Giants won’t make any decisions regarding their coaches until the season is over.

Per Graziano, “According to a source, the New York Giants do not plan to make any decisions on changes to the coaching staff or front office until after the season. The source says Giants ownership looks at recent anonymous comments by players as normal griping during a losing season, and those comments will not affect ownership’s preference to let the season play out and judge it as a 16-game whole.”

Recently, anonymous Giants players ripped McAdoo by saying that he’s lost the team and that the players have quit on him. The team isn’t happy about the anonymous quotes.

“I don’t know who to address it with,” McAdoo said via Tom Rock of Newsday. “There’s no name on the quote so to me there’s nothing to address. Let’s get some names on the quotes and I’ll find out who I need to help and then I’ll help him.”

The coach added that he has an open-door policy and that he can address it if he knows where the quotes came from.

The question, is will the Giants change their mind if they lose to the winless San Francisco 49ers on Sunday?

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