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New York Giants’ Landon Collins Body Slams Tyler Lockett WWE-Style (Video)

New York Giants stud safety Landon Collins did his best WWE impersonation by body slamming Seattle Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett.

Landon Collins has had quite enough of the Seahawks using wide receiver jet plays. The Giants safety broke out a Hulk Hogan-like body slam on Tyler Lockett as he tried to get into the end zone.

Collins got tripped up by the lead blocking wide receiver, so Lockett decided to try and jump over him.

Yeah. Big mistake buddy.

Collins caught Lockett as he was standing up and proceeded to throw Lockett to the ground. He is having none of your wide receiver using him as a hurdle (video above).

The Giants safety just took out six weeks of frustration in one massive hit on Lockett. You know he’s pumped up about that stop, and the rest of the defense was too. I half expected him to get up and rip his shirt off.

He played it up nicely after the hit too. The Giants made a huge goal-line stop later on the drive. This could be a huge momentum boost for the Giants.

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