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New York Islanders: Mathew Barzal Nets First NHL Goal (Video)


After two years and eight games under his belt, New York Islanders rookie Mathew Barzal finally scored his first NHL goal.

The New York Islanders traded for the 16th overall pick in the 2015 NHL draft.

They would end up turning that pick into center Mathew Barzal, a pick that was heavily praised in the hockey world. He was worth the wait if he continues doing things like this all season long.

Barzal would make the team after training camp in 2016. But struggles in his only two games forced the team to send him back to the WHL to improve his skills.

Barzal played with a clear chip on his shoulder and performed at a superstar level. That earned him the team’s number two center spot.

Barzal has been a force all over the ice. And you can’t help but wonder when his first goal was going to come. Well, the answer is in his first game against the archrival New York Rangers.

Barzal comes up the left wing with Rangers Rick Nash on him. Using his speed to get a step, he puts out his right arm to block Nash off, makes a quick inside-outside move and tucks it under Henrik Lundqvist to complete the beauty.

This what the kid is really capable of, and boy is it going to be fun.

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