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New York Jets Fans Burn Tom Brady Effigy (Video)


There was a disco inferno in the MetLife Stadium parking lot before the New York Jets lost to the New England Patriots. Burn Brady, Burn.

Tom Brady is one of the most hated players in the NFL, especially in New York. He’s obnoxious, whiny, arrogant, and worst of all, damn good. Jets fans hate everyone associated with the New England Patriots, but reserve a special level of hatred for Brady.

This was made apparent today in the parking lot of Metlife Stadium.

Yep, that’s an effigy of Brady being set ablaze. Between social media and the Patriots impressive network of ways to know what other teams are doing, there’s no doubt that Brady saw this. He won’t care, mind you, but he saw it.

Brady got the last laugh on Jets fans, however, as the Patriots were able to beat the Jets, 24-17. They were helped by an awful call by the referees, but they still left MetLife with the win.

By the way, did that effigy look a little flat to anyone else? Like it was, perhaps, deflated?

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