New York Jets, Bryce Petty
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Bryce Petty might not be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets, but he doesn’t believe he’s a backup.

Could the New York Jets have a quarterback controversy on their hands as they prepare for their Week 2 game in Oakland? Bryce Petty believes that he’s the best QB on the Jets’ roster.

I never said, ‘I’m the No. 2,'” he told Lenn Robbins of ESPN. “I say, ‘I’m the No. 1.’ You’ve got to prepare just like the starter. And that’s been the whole key to the whole competition the whole time.You never want second place. You understand it, but at the same time you have to go out there and every time try to be better than you were yesterday. So that’s been my mindset, really, since I came in.”

Sorry to break this to you, Bryce, but you’re not the Jets No.1 QB right now Josh McCown is. Head coach Todd Bowles hasn’t said who McCown’s backup is. Either Petty or Christian Hackenberg could be the team’s No. 2.

If you look at the stats from preseason, the answer should be Petty. He was 32-of-48 for 426 yards with three touchdowns and one interception. Hackenberg, on the other hand, completed more passes but for fewer yards and had one less touchdown than Petty. Bryce also had a higher rating than the Hack, 106.8 for Bryce to 68.1 for the Hack.

Maybe you’ll be No. 1 one day, Bryce. But right now, you’re not.

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