New York Giants HC Ben McAdoo Visibly Heated After Loss to Dallas Cowboys (Video)

New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo was visibly heated and upset during his postgame press conference after loss to Dallas Cowboys.

Hey, at least the head coach has a little fire left.

Thanks to the New York Giants disheartening 19-3 loss to the Dallas Cowboys in enemy territory on Sunday night, the Eli Manning-face memes have gone wild again.

Dem Boys fans are going nuts, acting like they just took home the Lombardi Trophy while smearing the two-time champion at every turn.

But hey, let ’em enjoy a few days of ecstasy.

What’s important is how the Giants fix the Giants.

The defense played well in only surrendering 19 points. It was this putrid offense spearheaded by a horrid offensive line that couldn’t allow time of possession to work at least a little bit.

Ben McAdoo understands and allowed his fire to be displayed after the game (video above). In fact, I’m surprised he didn’t completely lose his cool based on some of the downright terrible questions asked.

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  1. What happened to everything I read last week about how the new offensive weapons would be so much better and how the Giants owned the Cowboys? Great Defensive game, I give them that but all of the smack talk from last week after I told everybody that line would do them in and Eli would run for his life. Nobody talking smack now though. Funny how that happens.