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Carmelo Anthony Plays Latest Pickup Game Without Hoodie (Video)

Carmelo Anthony is back at it again, playing yet another one of his famous pickup games. This time, however, everything is different. There is no hoodie involved.

Anthony has been playing pickup games all summer with the top stars of today’s NBA. In this game, he was joined by teammate Lance Thomas, and former teammates Iman Shumpert and Dahntay Jones.

Since the beginning of summer, however, he’s donned some hoodie in every game.

NBA Twitter has taken to dubbing this persona as “Hoodie Melo,” and it’s been trending all summer.

Yet in the most recent game, Anthony isn’t wearing a hoodie at all.

Could this be the end?

Has Anthony finally graduated from his hoodie training?

Or is it simply an off hand decision made by Anthony in the wee hours of the AM?

The New York Knicks and Anthony have been working towards a trade all summer, maybe this no-hoodie spotting is a message to us all.

Has he finally been traded, or are substantial talks taking place? At this point, it doesn’t even matter.

Hoodie Melo will live on forever, as the basketball personality that took over summer 2017.

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