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New York Jets’ Marcus Maye-Juston Burris Play: Sports Media Swings & Misses (Video)

During Week 1 of the NFL season, the immature sports media swings and misses at the New York Jets Juston Burris-Marcus Maye play.

If you hadn’t seen it live, you would have thought the second-coming of the Butt Fumble happened on Sept. 10, 2017.

All of the headlines were meant to smear the hapless New York Jets. “Jet tackle Jet,” disallowing a return for a touchdown. “LOL, Jets (like little school girls), is how the sports media treats instances like this.”

Here’s Barstool doing its classic Barstool thing:


What the real headline should read is, “Sports media should be embarrassed for reaching so far.”

Listen, the play was unfortunate. Second-year Juston Burris had a chance to put his team up early with a big time return. But laugh out loud?

What you don’t see in the video is Burris picking off Buffalo Bills starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor in the end zone. It’s not a butt fumble play that was a complete embarrassment netting six points for the other team.

On this one, New York turned Buffalo over and gained great field position. Overall, it was a positive play for the road team. Yet you would have no idea if you read headlines everywhere.

Our very own Max Wildstein (a baseball guy), joined the movement by posting his own GIF on Twitter. We had to respond.

Then, our very own Nick Durst joins the party as the well-known Jet-hater that he is:

“Just a bad football play by Maye?” Obviously, this guy’s never played football.

Maye, a rookie in the league, busted his ass downfield in an attempt to block for his teammate. He’s hustling like a mad man when a much bigger O-linemen intentionally threw Maye into Burris. In football, players run into teammates all the time. In fact, I’d argue the “bad play” was committed on the part of Burris. Never should somebody get up so casually and allow the ball to be unprotected in the NFL. You never know if you were contacted by the opponent.

Unfortunate play? Yes. Bad play by Maye? Hell no.

A bad play is when you commit a senseless 15-yard penalty for your squad. A bad play is when you throw into double coverage. A bad play is when you leave your deep-third responsibility and get fooled on a play-action.

Again, nobody should be surprised. The video should provide a little chuckle, but the far-reach on this one is, unfortunately, expected at this point.

This new aged media wouldn’t know football if it hit them over the head.

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