Patriots Find Inspiration in New York Jets Legend...What?
PITTSBURGH - JANUARY 15: Wide receiver Wayne Chrebet #80 of the New York Jets celebrates after the Jets won the coin toss to start overtime against the Pittsburgh Steelers in an AFC divisional game at Heinz Field on January 15, 2005 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.The Steelers defeated the Jets 20-17 in overtime. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

The New England Patriots are in the midst of a dynasty and the New York Jets might potentially have something to do with these players being so good.

The New England Patriots have spanked the New York Jets on the field for years on end. However, it seems that they are possibly the inspiration behind two of their biggest players.

Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola spoke to The Record staff writer, Art Stapleton, back in February and spilled all the juicy details. Apparently, both players idolized Jets wide receiver Wayne Chrebet from their younger days.

When it comes to picking a player to idolize and follow in their footsteps, Amendola and Edelman picked a gem in ‘The Godfather.’

Chrebet played for 11 seasons in New York and worked his way up from going undrafted in the 1995 NFL Draft. However, that didn’t stop him from being one of the most dynamic receivers for Gang Green.

Unfortunately, Chrebet’s career ended prematurely but he has been revered and respected in the organization far beyond his final game in 2005.

“That was my idol, no doubt about it,” Amendola told Stapleton and The Record back in February. “Had his poster on my wall, it was a birthday gift. Couldn’t afford the jersey, so I got the poster. He’s why I wear (number) 80. That’s my guy, he’s great.”

Chrebet returned the sentiment, telling The Record, “But seriously, I really appreciate those guys, how they play, I have a lot of respect for them.”

So finally the Jets and Patriots can get along, at least in some capacity. Maybe some of these upcoming players on the Patriots will be able to someday say that one of today’s Jets players inspired them.

Hey, we can all dream, right?

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