Tony Romo Has Plenty of Love for Eli Manning
FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 31: Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants watches the action against New England Patriots in the second half during a preseason game on August 31, 2017 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Tony Romo recently commented on Eli Manning‘s career, longevity and competitiveness, offering high praise for the New York Giants quarterback. 

How long will Eli Manning play for? That was the question asked by Newsday’s Neil Best to several NFL analysts. One of those analysts, is Manning’s former counterpart, Tony Romo. He not only backed Manning to have continued success as he ages, but offered praise about his career as a whole, “He’s a legend of the game, and he’s still playing.”

Romo then continued, “One thing that I really think is special, though, and I’ll talk about this during the season, is the great quarterbacks have an ability to last through the lean years, when the team kind of has turnover. A lot of guys can make it through years when you have really good football teams. But if you’re a great quarterback, you make it through years where your team is not very good but they ask you to carry it and still be competitive and win.

“The good ones play through that and come out of it with a good team on the end . . . I think Eli is one of those.”

For as much animosity that has existed between the Giants and Cowboys, the Romo-Manning rivalry has been defined purely by respect. The two quarterbacks have seemingly maintained admiration for one another despite fierce on field battles. The class and humility both have exhibited is much different from the trash talking that has taken place between some of their teammates over the years.

Let’s see what else Romo has to say about Manning during his broadcasts for CBS this season.

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