NBA: Cupcake Shenanigans Continue As Nike To Release Kevin Durant Red Velvet Cupcake Shoes
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Cupcakes run the world—at least in the NBA.

Tuesday, Nike announced that Kevin Durant will release the ‘Nike KDX Red Velvets’ this Friday at an extra-sweet price of $150.

The shoes will include Durant’s typical Nike swoosh wrapped around the ankle, soft material throughout the shoe, and a cookies-and-cream midsole.

On July 4th, 2016, following Durant’s decision to join the Golden State Warriors, his former teammate and reigning NBA Most Valuable Player, Russell Westbrook, took a shot at him using cupcakes.

The term “cupcake,” originally used by former Oklahoma City Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins, suggested that whoever was being called the tasty treat was soft. So what did Westbrook do? He posted a picture of cupcakes and went on with his life.

But the cupcake shenanigans were far from over. This past April, Durant posed with a plate of cupcakes next to San Francisco Giants mascot ‘Lou Seal’.

Two months later, after Golden State’s NBA Finals victory, Durant kept things going when he was pictured with a hat with a cupcake topped with a championship ring.

Now, almost three months later, when it appeared as if all of the cupcake pettiness within the NBA was finished, Durant incorporated the treat in his new shoes.

When will all of this end, Kevin?