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The NBA has released its schedule for the 2017-2018 season. What follows is a look at the biggest games on tap for the Brooklyn Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets schedule for next season has been released. They are looking at an exciting year, featuring new young talent, and veterans alike.

That being said, here are five must watch games for Brooklyn Nets fans, in chronological order.

Wednesday, October 18th at the Indiana Pacers

Brooklyn will open their season in Indiana against the Pacers. For the Nets and their fan base, this game will set the tone for the year. We’ll see just how hard they’ve worked, and how far they’ve come without the presence of Brook Lopez.

Friday, October 27th at the New York Knicks

After the key acquisitions made this summer, there’s a fluid situation when it comes to the hierarchy of New York basketball. Could the Nets finally best the Knicks in the Eastern Conference standings? This game will give us a hint.

Friday, November 3rd at the Los Angeles Lakers

Brooklyn traded its franchise player to the Lakers in exchange for D’Angelo Russell. It’s the first time these teams will meet head to head, and both players will be working hard to put on a show.

After being traded from Los Angeles, Russell had to take on some constructive criticism from President of Operations Magic Johnson, courtesy of ESPN’s Baxter Holmes.

“We want to thank him for what he did for us. But what I needed was a leader. I needed somebody also that can make the other players better and also somebody that players want to play with.”

Russell was replaced by a rookie, guard Lonzo Ball, the second overall selection in the 2017 NBA Draft. Lakers and Nets fans alike will be itching to watch this match up.

Brook Lopez knows that he’s a quality player and what he can contribute to a young team. For Russell, however, this is his first chance to make Johnson and the rest of the Lakers’ front office regret their decision.

Friday, December 15th at the Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors shipped DeMarre Carroll to the Nets in a salary dump trade. For Brooklyn, his addition meant gaining a new starting-caliber player. He’ll be looking to prove that against his old team.

Carroll’s exit from Toronto was mutual. After being traded, he shared some insight on the Raptors locker room, via the Toronto Sun‘s Ryan Wolstat.

“This year, I feel like a lot of guys didn’t trust each other and a lot of guys, they didn’t feel like other guys could produce or (be) given the opportunity, so there was a lot of lack of trust on our team, so that’s what hindered us from going (as far as they wanted to go).”

It will be interesting to see how Toronto’s fans will react when Carroll arrives with his new team. Do they boo? Do they cheer? Or does DeMar DeRozan just dunk all over him?

This is a big game for Brooklyn and DeMarre alike. The Nets want to be clear cut winners of the trade, and Carroll wants to show how he plays in a functioning locker room.

Saturday, December 9th vs. the Miami Heat

This game doesn’t feature a dramatic back story or player retribution story. The one thing to note about this game: it’ll be on NBA TV.

Last year, Brooklyn played only one game on national television. This year, the Nets will play two. Should their match against the Heat prove entertaining and competitive, they could be rewarded with more next season.

Friday, February 2nd vs. the Los Angeles Lakers

Finally, the long awaited homecoming of Brook Lopez. This game isn’t about the big man on his quest for blood, but more about getting closure for Nets fans still in denial.

Warning: Possible tear-jerker incoming. Expect Lopez to play harder than ever, and of course, we’ll see some more of the D’Angelo Russell story too.

The Brooklyn Nets will open the 2017-2018 season in Indiana, and play their home opener against the Orlando Magic.

This year is going to be fun. Make sure you’re watching these blockbuster match-ups.

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