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Brooklyn Nets News Beat 8/12/17: New Uniforms, Mexico Trip

The Brooklyn Nets made two big announcements this week, starting with the hosting of two games in Mexico City. Furthermore, their new uniforms under Nike have been released.

The NBA season is on the horizon, just over two months away. Among many things new, Nike has taken over as the sole branding for NBA uniforms.

Day by day, each team is revealing their Nike fit, now titled Association and Icon styles instead of Home and Away.

Brooklyn’s uniforms don’t vary much from the original, more so in style, with the Adidas cut out of the picture.The Nets’ secondary logo was added to the waistband, and a Nike swoosh is featured on the right shoulder.

Some good news: The Infor patch will not be red as originally designed. Along with the Nike check, it will change from black to white depending upon uniform color.

We also got our first look at draft pick Jarrett Allen in the new uniform.

In other Brooklyn Nets news, they will be hosting two games in Mexico City come December.

The first is against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the second versus the Miami Heat. This is more than positive for the franchise, who could use a boost in popularity as a franchise.

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