New York Giants: Landon Collins Says Dallas Cowboys Won’t Win NFC East
Jun 13, 2017; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants strong safety Landon Collins (21) during mini camp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center. Mandatory Credit: William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants safety Landon Collins believes that the Dallas Cowboys won’t win the NFC East this year.

The NFL season and training camps haven’t even started yet and the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys are already feuding. Giants safety Landon Collins said on Friday that the comments that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott made at this year’s ESPYs were wrong.

At the ESPYs, Prescott said, “We’re the Cowboys. We’re gonna win the NFC East.” Collins shot back by saying that he highly doubts it and that the Cowboys definitely aren’t going to win.

Collins shot back by saying that he highly doubts it and that the Cowboys definitely aren’t going to win.

“Oh I commented right underneath his picture [on social media]. I said ‘I highly doubt that,’” he said, via the New York Post. “They do not control the East. That’s over with. We’re going to have a run for it, but they’re not going to win. I can tell you that much. We’re definitely going to take over.”

He added, “Coming from the background and program [Alabama] that I came from, the team that I came from, the caliber player that I am, I’m not scared to say any of those words because, I mean, my team, my guys, and our organization backs it up every time.”

Last year the Cowboys were 13-3 and won the division but lost both games to the Giants. No team has won the NFC East back to back since the Philadelphia Eagles did it in 2004 and the Cowboys haven’t won back-to-back division titles since 1995-96, according to Jordan Raanan of ESPN.

Giants kick returner Dwayne Harris doesn’t agree with Collins. “You know, I let people think what they want to think. They, on paper, they probably look better than us right now,” Harris told Jeremy Bergman of “But we always match up good with them, so we’ll see.” The Giants haven’t won a division title since 2011.

Ironically the Giants open the season against the Cowboys. Looks like this rivalry is just heating up.

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