New York Jets’ Josh McCown Reads Ivan Drago Lines in ‘Rocky IV’ (Video)

“I must break you.” It’s just one classic line Ivan Drago spouted off in ‘Rocky IV’ and New York Jets QB Josh McCown looks to duplicate it.

You remember the scene, the emotional moment when Rocky Balboa understands what he must do to avenge the death of his best friend Apollo Creed.

Rocky goes nuts.

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With Mickey gone, he takes his act to the woods, to the great outdoors and trains the old-fashioned way. It’s a stark contrast to the machine that is Russian Ivan Drago who receives the best of care.

Despite the two contrasting styles, we all know what happened. Drago took a pounding courtesy of the Italian Stallion.

OK, so while the Rocky speech was weird and awkward, following the match, it still didn’t take away from the moment.

Enter Josh McCown, the closest face clone to Drago in quite some time.

McCown, entering his first season with the New York Jets, stopped by the set of ESPN’s “Mike and Mike” Thursday morning. Not only did he provide an update on what he believes his role will be with the club this season, but he provided his best Drago impersonation (video above):

If only McCown was as durable in real life as his imaginary counterpart.

H/T Twitter, @diannaESPN

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