When Will the New York Knicks Give Big Apple Sports Fans Something to Cheer About?
Jan 8, 2015; New York, NY, USA; Fans wearing paper bags sit court side at the game between the New York Knicks and the Houston Rockets at Madison Square Garden. Houston Rockets won 120-96. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The state of the New York Knicks is abysmal right now and has been for awhile. How much more can the fans take?

When you evaluate the eight professional major sports teams in New York, no franchise has experienced as much losing, disappointment, mediocrity and ineptitude in the 21st century like the New York Knicks have.

The atrocity of the organization has started at the top with James Dolan and has trickled down to a number of embarrassing moments. From the recent dismissal of former Knicks President Phil Jackson to the horrible Isiah Thomas era. From the unnecessary Charles Oakley incident to the appalling Jerome James signing in 2005. From the promising-but-never-quite-panned-out Steve Francis and Stephon Marbury years to the frequent coaching changes to the Carmelo Anthony-Amare Stoudemire pairing never reaching its true potential.

And to cap it all off, the franchise has made only six playoff appearances in 17 seasons since 2000. To go with that, the Knickerbockers have only produced five winning seasons since that time.

That’s right, the Knicks have by far been the worst New York sports franchise in the 21st century — and by the looks of things, it isn’t getting any better anytime soon. That’s pretty discouraging for a once proud, respected and storied franchise.

Since 2000, the Giants have won two Super Bowls. The Yankees have won two World Series and four pennants. The Mets have won two pennants. The Jets have made two AFC Championship Games. The Rangers have made the Stanley Cup Finals once and have appeared in the playoffs 11 times. The Islanders didn’t win the Stanley Cup or make it to the Finals, yet qualified for the postseason seven times.

Their old friends across the George Washington Bridge in the once New Jersey Nets — now Brooklyn Nets — even have two NBA Finals trips to brag about, as well as nine playoff appearances.

Compare the resume of those seven franchises since 2000 to that of the Knicks and the MSG crew can’t match up. They’re in the deep end of the ocean — and with each lousy season that passes, they find themselves sinking deeper and deeper with no chance of coming up for air.

Knicks fans have to feel embarrassed. Even general New York sports fans have to be downright disgusted with the poor play and crappy product that has been put on the floor this past decade.

New York City is arguably the best sports city of all-time (only Boston and Los Angeles can make an argument in their favor), and the expectation level here is unlike any other. You perform well, fans will give you all the praise and adulation. You stink up the joint, fans will let you know in an abrasive fashion.

There’s no in-between with New Yorkers. They will give it to you straight no matter the circumstance.

Over the past 15 years, the Knicks have tested the patience of their fans. Go ask Spike Lee. The question moving forward is whether the team can turn it around and put together a roster that will not just please New York fans but that will also translate into success on the hardwood.

No one knows. There’s not much optimism floating around these days but it looks like fans are going to have to wait — like they have been for the longest.

For New Yorkers sake, get it together Knicks. You’ve been bad long enough.