Would the New York Jets Dare Dip Their Toe in the Kirk Cousins Pool?
May 24, 2017; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) throws the ball during drills as part of Redskins OTAs at Redskins Park. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets have a serious quarterback problem and Kirk Cousins could be a free agent next year. Is this a match made in heaven?

The big news on Monday was that Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins will not get the long term deal he was searching for, which begs the question: If and when Cousins is available, would the quarterback-starved New York Jets dare throw their name in the ring?

It’s an interesting diatribe for a team that has the Brinks trucks raring and ready to roll next year. More than $80m in savings and a quarterback thirst that hasn’t been quenched in some time could be the perfect recipe.

Cousins is looking to get paid, there are no ifs or buts about it. That’s especially true if you consider the money that Redskins President Bruce Allen said was on the table for Cousins.

He doesn’t want to be one of the highest paid, he wants to be the highest paid. Cousins isn’t the best quarterback in the league, but he’s certainly not the worst.

He crazy…

I don’t think he’s as good as the stats say, but this guy threw for nearly 5,000 yards last year. Only nine times has that been done in NFL history and Drew Brees has done it five of those times.

That’s not a fluke. A two-to-one touchdown interception ratio (25:12, 2016) is what you look for, in theory, from a starting quarterback in this league. So really what this comes down to is do you want to invest in another young quarterback and take your chances, or do you sign the dotted line and give this guy (Cousins) the keys to your franchise and hope that his success can transition to the big market of New York City?

While I’m sure it would be tempting for the Jets to just say “Screw trying to draft another guy and develop him, let’s sign one who’s already good,” they probably won’t. I know fans want to end the playoff drought as soon as physically possible, but the better perspective is a long term one.


We must be honest, the Jets aren’t good right now. To bring on a guy like Kirk Cousins, you should be close. The Jets aren’t close. So, build up the rest of your team and don’t go for broke trying to buy a championship. The Jets have tried that before and it hasn’t worked.

I hear the retort, “but the Jets have tried drafting quarterbacks and have failed.” I would then reply, what’s been more successful in history?

  • Option A: Drafting quarterbacks and developing them into stars.
  • Option B: Buying an already proven quarterback.

Not often is option B available, it rarely ever happens. Regardless of the rareness of this unicorn, I strongly advise the Jets to go with option A. It’s the better long term method, it has a track record of success, and the Jets need hope.

Don’t buy it. Draft it.

People call me Boy Green for my unwavering dedication to all things New York Jets. I work at The Score 1260 in Syracuse and I'm extremely passionate about sports. I aspire to continue my rise through the business and hopefully I'll end up working for the New York Jets in some capacity.