On the final day of the New York Giants mandatory minicamp on Thursday, very own Jason Leach got to spend a few minutes with starting running back Paul Perkins.

Entering the 2016-17 season, one thing’s for sure concerning the New York Giants …

The squad’s offense looks sick.

Not only is two-time champion Eli Manning running the show, but stud Brandon Marshall was brought in to compliment the extraordinary Odell Beckham Jr. and young Sterling Shepard. First round tight end Evan Engram is also in-house, making for one serious weaponry for Eli.

What about the backfield?

Well, all eyes are on second-year Paul Perkins, who climbed the depth chart a season ago en route to taking the starting role away from all bidders. He finished his rookie season with 456 yards on 112 carries for a cool 4.1 yards per attempt average.

This season, the sky’s the limit. Recently, Perkins spoke with ESNY’s Jason Leach.

Jason Leach: How’s the offseason been?

Paul Perkins: Awesome man. The team is really coming together right now. I get a real good vibe with these guys. It’s awesome being out here with them.

Leach: What did you work on most to improve into this season?

Perkins: Everything. Trying to get a more eclectic game been watching older guys like Tiki Barber, Wilis McGahee and Arian Foster, just trying to get a more all-around game.

Leach: I know he’s no longer with the team, but have you spoken to Rashad Jennings and is he still a mentor to you?

Perkins: Yeah, Shad is a huge part of my life. I still talk to him here and there. But I’m still lucky to have Shane Vereen here who’s another veteran guy, and Orleans Darkwa, and Shaun Draughn … they’ve been around the game so much they’ve always have input on how to improve.

Leach: The last time the Giants had a 1,000 yard rusher was 2012. Was rushing for 1,000 yards one of your goals you set coming into this season?

Perkins: Personal goal … I just want the group to succeed. If we have group success then individual success is bound to happen. But I’m pushing group success out of the group and offensive line.

Leach: What do you think of the rookie class so far?

Perkins: I think they’re awesome. Like Wayne (Gallman). I have a lot of experience with him and Khalid Abdullah. They’re very smart they get it. They understand football and that’s probably biggest and hardest step for rookies.

Leach: What are you going do the next six weeks until training camp?

Perkins: Workout and train, I’m not going on any vacation unless you call going home a vacation (laughing) is like 1:10 right now. Other than that, man, just really workout and train.

Leach: Are you at your playing weight right now?

Perkins: Yeah I feel good I’m at 213 so wherever I go or however I fluctuate I’m fine with that.

Jason's first love was football while growing up in northern New Jersey. For the past three years, he has covered the New York Giants, as well as several boxing events along the East Coast.