Schwartz on Sports Podcast: Pat LaFontaine Talks Hockey (Audio) 2

ESNY’s Peter Schwartz sat down with Long Island Ducks manager Kevin Baez during the latest edition of the Schwartz on Sports Podcast.

Ah, yes … the Long Island Ducks. Who doesn’t love this independent organization who represents the “little guy” that does it better than all little guys? 

Everybody seems to love ’em.

This includes our very own Peter Schwartz, veteran of the New York sports scene for several decades. That’s why Peter made sure to include the Ducks on his new hit podcast titled Schwartz on Sports.

In the most recent edition of Schwartz on Sports, Long Island Ducks manager Kevin Baez is the guest. Baez, for those who are new to baseball, is a Brooklyn native who enjoyed a 17-year professional baseball career as a player. He played parts of three seasons with the New York Mets in the early 1990s and is now on his 15th year in the Ducks organization, seventh season as manager.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of Schwartz on Sports:

ESNY staff reports.