The Mix Take: Brett Hundley, New York Jets Future Starting Quarterback?
Aug 18, 2016; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Hundley (7) throws a pass during warmups prior to the game against the Oakland Raiders at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

With the New York Jets looking high and low for their next starting quarterback, we wonder why Brett Hundley‘s name is rarely mentioned.

It’s a peculiar situation for the New York Jets. Just weeks away from the 2017 NFL Draft, the organization is staring at three quarterback prospects that they have yet to fall in love with. All three have their strengths and weaknesses, but neither Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky nor DeShone Kizer have yet to separate themselves from the others.

The free agent market is less fruitful. Mike Glennon signed with the Chicago Bears for a lucrative deal after former starting quarterback Jay Cutler was given his walking papers. Tyrod Taylor, another Mike Maccagnan potential target, restructured his deal with the Bills to remain in Buffalo. Former Saints backup, Chase Daniel is an option after being released by the Philadelphia Eagles, but in all honesty, is he really an option?

The Jets could look at the aforementioned Cutler, but signing an error-prone quarterback to lead a rebuild seems counterproductive. Gang Green could set their sights on Colin Kaepernick who opted out of his final year with San Francisco, but given the owner’s political stance, it is highly unlikely.

Then there is Geno. Geno Smith is the stubborn stain that the Jets can’t cleanse themselves of. The longer Geno remains unsigned, it appears more likely he will return to the team to compete with Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg.

The choices create a bleak picture for the 2017 season and have the Jets fanbase dreaming of the collegiate options available in the 2018 NFL Draft. But before they begin rallying to start the “Suck for Sam” campaign, there may be another option.

Aaron Rodgers is widely considered one of, if not the best quarterback in the league. At age 33, the NFL should expect to see another five to seven years of the all-pro. If that is the case, his 23-year-old understudy will find it nearly impossible to showcase his talents during the prime years of his career.

Brett Hundley could not have found a better situation when he was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft. Essentially red-shirted his rookie year by being named the third-string quarterback, Hundley impressed in the 2016 preseason to grab a hold of the primary backup spot. His maturity and willingness to learn behind an all-time great puts him leaps and bounds ahead of anyone that will be drafted this year.

Hundley was a standout during his three starting seasons at UCLA. He completed over 65 percent of his passes and garnered over 3,000 yards each season. His touchdown to interception rating also improved each year and his mobility created another dimension to his game.

At 6-foot-3, 226 pounds, Hundley has ideal size to be a durable quarterback during the 16 game regular season. During the combine, he completed the 40-yard-dash with a 4.63 seconds time. In a year where the quarterback class is considered below average, trading a mid-round pick or even a Sheldon Richardson for Hundley makes sense for the Jets.

Before New York makes an ill-advised signing of an aged veteran or drafts a college quarterback who may be extremely inaccurate, the Jets should give a call to the frozen tundra and inquire on Hundley. With all due respect to A.J. McCarron, most would rather have Aaron Rodgers‘ backup then Andy Dalton’s.


  1. How many regular season snaps has hundley taken…Let me answer that for you Zero, why would you want someone who hasn’t played bc he sat behind Arron Rodgers? Let’s go get Jim Sorgi then, he sat behind Peyton Manning right…

    • Thanks for reading. The number is actually ten. Someone would want someone like Hundley because of guys like Tom Brady, Matt Hasselbeck, Tony Romo and Brett Favre. Guys who sat until the opportunity presented itself and they made the most of it. Not every starter is a first round pick and some are “developed”.

  2. Single mid round pick or Richardson? Nah. It will cost you similarly to Mark Brunell/Matt Hasselback type return. Probably closer to Hasselback. A single mid round pick just won’t do it. Ted isn’t going to leave The Packers naked behind Rodgers without a seriously large return.

  3. the jets arent interested in him, its just some stupid shit damien woody said in a tweet. who would trade for this kid anyway, he sucks. sucked at ucla, sucks now. was awful in making reads at ucla. spotty accuracy at ucla. yea, trade for a 5th round pick. damien woody says some dumb shit haha

    • You obviously have not watched him much last couple years. He was the best rookie in preseason his rookie year over a solid QB class. He has improved much. Packers were offered a 2nd rounder during the draft which they declined. Think he is 1st round value.

      • oh, what team was it that offered the second? are you talking about them eyeing deshone kizer at pick 33? and what do you mean “have not watched him much last couple years.” are you talking about the 20 % completion for 17 yards, one interception, zero td? i am confused, what was i supposed to be watching? or are you talking about preseason against vanilla defenses and guys who are playing to not get hurt. and what team was it who offered the second?

  4. Because of the injury setback Brett will have a make or break season in 2016.
    If he stays healthy this year and plays and grades out anything close to his 2015 preseason? he will instantly be in the competition conversation for a starting role of at minimum 5 teams in 2018 and should grade out at an early 2nd day pick.
    If he plays any meaningful snaps in 2017 and performs eloquently? He’ll be traded for either a 1st or even multiple picks.
    Conversely if he has a slump or is injured etc.. he’ll be lucky to be used as collateral to get a mid rounder in 2018.