Despite conventional wisdom, free agent quarterback Mike Glennon is not destined to fail. The New York Jets need to capitalize on this current negative atmosphere. 

Brock freaking Osweiler. No matter who you are, where you live or which team you root for, you’ll hear this negative stigma surrounding free agent NFL quarterbacks.

The disastrous 2016 season showcased by Brock freaking Osweiler has only added top of the line fuel to this mega bonfire. Whenever a free agent QB is mentioned to rake in a huge payday, fans grow nutty. 

When it comes to the narrative of the New York Jets going after Mike Glennon, not much is different. Actually, I take it back. Plenty is different. In fact, it’s much worse thanks to the fact this organization has been so many times in the past bitten in the keister at the quarterback position.

In this space of the internet, we’ll dispell every incorrect thought on Glennon and, more importantly, free agent quarterbacks as a group. Upon first glance, I’m the type who hates dishing out big-money contracts to those who don’t deserve it. In a salary cap league, wasted money cripples a personnel base.

Remember, though, NFL contracts are very different than in other leagues. Flexibility is a major and real attribute when it comes to this topic of conversation and thanks to the entire football world running scared when it comes to free agent signal-callers, Mike Maccagnan and the New York Jets can seriously capitalize on the current situation.

Here is the list dispelling every incorrect stigma placed on Mike Glennon and free agent quarterbacks in general:

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