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New York Jets: Nick Mangold goes from Disney to the dumps

Only Nick Mangold could turn an unfortunate situation into gold. Check out his tweet once he found out of his release from the New York Jets.

Nick Mangold has seen the highest of the highs (seven-time Pro Bowler) and now the lowest of the lows. He experienced the ecstasy of a roller coaster ride without having to get on one, but went on one anyways while he was on vacation in Disney World.

The New York Jets haven’t hidden the fact that they’re reshaping their roster heading into next season. That has resulted in cornerstones of the franchise being cut left and right from Darrelle Revis to the aforementioned Mangold.

This transaction led to the always hilarious Mangold lighting up Twitter with the above tweet.

In these maneuvers, the Jets have reportedly created over $40 million in cap space, according to spotrac.com, which gives them $26.3 million in cap room, via ESPN.

Mangold is 33-years old and has been captain consistency and durability since he entered the league back in 2006. He hasn’t given any inclination that he’s ready to retire.

So while his Disney World trip may have been ruined in the temporary, perhaps the next team he lands on will take him there for a different reason next February.

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