John Ross

In college, John Ross touched the ball 112 times and recorded 23 touchdowns. Every five times that he touched the ball, he scored a touchdown. Those numbers sound like something straight out of a Madden NFL video game.

One may question how a 5-foot-11, 190-pound wide receiver can be this good.

The answer is simple: speed kills. Out of everyone in the draft, the Washington product may be the fastest. What is impressive about his speed is that he tore his ACL in spring 2015. Usually, a torn ACL saps speed, but Ross has been able to make an impressive comeback.

While at Washington, John Ross was not only a wide receiver. He started three games at cornerback recording one interception and one pass defended.

The wide receiver would also be a welcome fit on most teams. After all, who can’t use a Desean Jackson-esque target to take the tops off of defenses? Even though the G-Men should be looking for a taller target, it never hurts to have someone that has the potential to speed past defenses and open up the game for OBJ.

John is a 16 year old highschooler who is an avid sports fan. His favorite sports are football, baseball, and basketball.