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New York Jets bring back Jeremy Bates to coach quarterbacks

The New York Jets hire former quarterback’s coach Jeremy Bates for his second stint with the team’s signal callers.

Often an unheralded position among the coaching staff, the quarterback’s coach works directly with the field generals and has a huge impact on the development of the younger players. With the only two quarterbacks currently under contract with the New York Jets being raw, underdeveloped talents, the search for somebody to coach ’em up was nearly as important as selecting the proper offensive coordinator.

While seemingly striking gold with the hiring of John Morton as the offensive coordinator, there is a good chance the hiring of Jeremy Bates as the quarterback’s coach is like striking pyrite (fool’s gold).

Jeremy Bates got his NFL career started with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he served as offensive quality control coach from 2002-03 before being promoted to the assistant quarterback’s coach in 2004. The Jets took him on after that, but he only lasted the 2005 season as the quarterback’s coach on a team that fielded five different starting quarterbacks due to injuries.

Bates then went to Denver and spent two seasons working with quarterback Jay Cutler until Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan was fired, and he decided to go to USC, once again only a season.

Jeremy Bates even received experience as an offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks under head coach Pete Carroll, where again he only lasted one season after seemingly finding himself going in a different direction than the rest of the staff. Bates then found himself reunited with Jay Cutler, only this time in Chicago, where again he spent only one season as the quarterback’s coach of the Bears.

Bates history not only suggest he will not be around all that long, but that the Jets could give Jay Cutler a look — two moves that would be detrimental to the team.


As previously noted, the Jets possess two raw quarterbacks that are in need of grooming in order to have the opportunity to find success in the NFL game. Bringing in a coach to work directly with them that doesn’t have a good history of sticking around seems to have counterproductive written all over it.

Spending time learning under a coach to only have Bates be removed or jump ship to another location would just delay the two youngsters. Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg are already going to be challenged with learning a new system this season, and having to change their main source of information after a short period of time will only slow them down even more in their development.

The second knock against the hiring of Jeremy Bates is his experience with, and the availability of, Jay Cutler. Whether the Jets believe they can pull off moves to be competitive now or decide a rebuild is in order, Jay Cutler would be a setback. He has proven in the past to be an uninterested turnover machine, who doesn’t act much like a leader in the locker room. Who would want to build a team around that?

Let the Browns make that mistake …

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