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Mike Francesa wrongly congratulates Justin Pugh on making the Pro Bowl (Audio)

WFAN host Mike Francesa congratulated New York Giants’ guard Justin Pugh on making the Pro Bowl. Hint: he didn’t make the Pro Bowl. 


Mike’s on and he’s ready to go. Well, he might not have been ready on Thursday afternoon.

Mike Francesa, the WFAN radio legend, welcomed New York Giants’ offensive lineman Justin Pugh to his show live from Houston on Thursday afternoon. Mike praised Pugh’s performance from his 2016 season and congratulated him on making the Pro Bowl despite missing five games.

Plot twist: Pugh did not make the Pro Bowl. Pugh “shockingly” wasn’t on the NFC roster. Well, maybe because he missed one third of the season had just a little something to do with that. Maybe.

Could someone have left notes for Francesa in an attempt to troll the “Sports Pope?” Is it possible that was unprepared?

Regardless, common sense would tell us that any player that missed at least five games of the season had a difficult, yet not impossible, chance of a Pro Bowl nomination.

Maybe Mike was just running low on Diet Coke.

H/T @SportsFunhouse

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