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New Jersey Devils go retro against Washington Capitals

Sporting the original ’82 red and green, the Devils must play at a better quality than when the Colorado Rockies first moved to Jersey.

The window of opportunity for the Devils to make the playoffs is closing ever so slowly each time a game passes. Seeing other teams above and below them in the standings winning games, as well as dropping the occasional “should-have-had-ems,” is expediting the closing of that window.

Tonight, as New Jersey welcomes Washington to the Rock, the Devils must play the way they were during their great road trip that concluded just a week ago, which includes good goaltending … Cory.

Newark’s team, much like Brooklyn’s team, seems to know how to play one day, and completely shut down on another day. From the offense’s ability and inability to score on a mid-level goalie to the Devils own goalie tandem unable to play solid, it seems that there is no rhythm.

In regard to tonight’s tilt, today would not be the day to flop. Losing those winnable home games against the Kings and Canadiens was a bummer in the middle of an overall decent run. Home ice has put the Devils at a severe disadvantage; you’d have to go back to the beginning of the calendar year to see the Devils last victory at home.

As mentioned earlier, the Devils are home tonight. New Jersey did beat Washington earlier in the season, but a few days later when playing the Capitals again, they got demolished 6-2.

The Capitals need not an analysis of their last ten games, who are a constant threat to their opponent no matter how their play is trending, but to add salt to the inevitable wound, they are indeed 8-1-1 in their last ten matches and sit mighty atop the Metro division.

The Devils just might have to pray for a victory today. As amazing as it may sound, Kinkaid in net might be the right move. If he puts up a good game tonight, Schneider better know he’ll have to really step it up.