Brooklyn Nets’ Caris LeVert busts Wayne Ellington’s ankles in filthy fashion (Video)

While the Brooklyn Nets may have lost, youngster Caris LeVert produced the top highlight when he destroyed the ankles of Wayne Ellington.

Oh, man. Forget about laying low for the next few days. That simply won’t do the trick in this case. 

What Miami Heat guard Wayne Ellington needs to do is join the Witness Protection Program. Forget any crime or legitimate reason. Brooklyn Nets youngster Caris LeVert just did him dirty.

Check out the video above. In the Brooklyn Nets 109-106 loss to the Miami Heat at Barclays Center on Wednesday night, LeVert sent Ellington to the first row with this nasty cross up (video above).

To make matters worse, LeVert drained the stepback three from the top of the key while Ellington laid on his back floundering in a daze about what just happened.

Hey, Miami may have won the war on this night, but LeVert stole the hearts of NBA fans worldwide.