‘Madden NFL 17’ play has gamer go crazy over unfortunate play (Video)

***Warning: NSFW language

I have had enough of Madden 17 ? #Madden17 #MadGamer

A video posted by Chaz Williams (@chazwilliams_) on

Watch this “Madden NFL 17” gamer go from the high of highs to the low of lows over the course of one strange and unusual play.

For all of you Madden gamers, you understand the plight. You understand the highs and lows, the triumphs and the unfortunate situations.

Most of the time, playing the game isn’t even fun. 

This Instagram user, @chazwilliams_, also understands the plight.

Check out the video above. Chaz is on the mic, first worrying about his opponent scrambling again. He does. However, after a first down is gained, he creates a fumble.

Chaz goes nuts as he screams, “Let’s go!”

The hilarity begins here as the fumble causes a freaking glitch-type scramble of 22 players huddled around the ball. In his amazement, his opponent comes away with the ball as there’s little he can do.

Ah, yes, it’s Madden, the place where anything can happen.

H/T Instagram, chazwilliams_