Brooklyn Nets’ Jeremy Lin gets caught hard by Dwight Howard (Video)

You got played, Jeremy #DabbinDwight

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While wearing street clothes, Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin was caught seriously hard by Atlanta Hawks big man Dwight Howard.

“Made you look.” Other than one phenomenal phrase used by all kids alike in the attempt to pull a quick (out of nowhere) prank, it’s one of the heavy-hitters from Nas’s God Son.

While popular even today — as you’ll often hear it walking the streets of the five boroughs — this anthem can’t touch what Atlanta Hawks big man Dwight Howard pulled on Jeremy Lin Tuesday night.

Check out the video at the top. With Lin in street clothes, he was looking to reciprocate a gesture Howard began during a dead ball.

Instead of a good-old fashioned pound, Howard simply made him look.

He punked him. He caught him hard. He caught him hard while doing a semi-dab with the right arm near the face.

That’ll teach Lin the next time he tries to play patty-cake with the opposition.

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