4. Geno Smith, New York Jets

What about Geno Smith? He’s going to be a free agent in March and his chances were taken away from him the last two seasons.

In the first year he was supposed to be the guy, he got sucker-punched and never saw the field. This season he had another chance to prove that he could be the guy, and instead, he tore his ACL and got shelved.

He’s still relatively young, 26, and if this is a true rebuild like people speculate, then they need somebody to play quarterback. Why not let it be someone who could blow up and be the guy instead of just a stopgap until you have a better option?

But should Smith run away from NY and never come back?

The Jets organization treated him like garbage and he was constantly thrown under the bus, but hey, you got to have thick skin to survive in Gotham.

This would probably be one of the most cost efficient moves the Jets pull off this offseason. Currently, the Jets are broke as a joke, but they could create some cap with the purge of the veterans on the roster. For a team that has a host of other needs, they should use that “extra money” in those other areas.

The only potential issue with this marriage is Smith’s timetable to return to the field. Mike Maccagnan, a guest on WFAN radio, said Geno Smith’s knee surgery is “probably scheduled to be back sometime around the start of next season because of when he was injured and the nature of the injury.”

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