5. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

The top option among the message boards around the globe is cast-off Cowboys star, Tony Romo.

The lone issue Romo has dealt with over the last several years is durability. How could he possibly be an option? The Jets offensive line is currently a mess, but they have time to fix it.

If Gang Green can sign a capable left tackle, restructure Nick Mangold, re-sign Brian Winters and plug Brandon Shell at right tackle, then maybe they could bring Romo in. Outside of that, they better have a good backup quarterback, because Romo isn’t going to last.

What would it cost the Jets? Most likely, a potential late draft pick compensation and restructured contract (cap hit). It would put the Jets in a win-now mindset. That’s not necessarily indicative that the Jets would be a win-now team, but the only reason you bring in Romo is if you’re really chasing the playoffs.