Owners of two straight losses to horrid teams, John Tavares and the New York Islanders find themselves in desperate straits.

After a pair of demoralizing losses to two of the league’s worst teams, the New York Islanders find themselves in a major funk, yet again. With playoff hopes all but gone, fans want answers as to what went wrong this year.

New Year, Same Problems

After coming off of a 6-2 win over a sneaky Winnipeg Jets team, the Islanders scored two goals in the past two games losing to the worst team in the NHL in overtime, and the second worst team in a shootout.

Garth Snow has made it abundantly clear that until (possibly) the deadline, this would be the team for this year.

Well, in the words of Mike Francesca, “They stink!”

Inconsistency has been the bane of the Islanders existence for years and it has possibly never been more prevalent than it has been this season. One moment the Islanders are scoring more than four goals a game for four consecutive games, and the next they dropped two consecutive games against the two worst teams in the NHL.

Most painfully so, is that these issues are mostly self-inflicted and can likely be resolved with one simple and effective offseason.

But what is it that really killed this team this season?

It really boils down to three key factors for the Islanders:

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