Could a change of leadership be just what the New York Jets need to build a consistent contender? If Woody Johnson leaves, quite possibly.

It has been reported that there is a very good chance New York Jets’ owner Woody Johnson would be named an ambassador to the United Kingdom under President-Elect Donald Trump.

If that comes to fruition, Woody’s younger brother, Chris Wold Johnson, could assume control of the day-to-day operations of the Jets.

Since little is known about Chris, one would need to speculate about his involvement in the football operations of the organization.

January 18, 2000, Woody Johnson purchased the New York Jets from Leon Hess for 635 million dollars. As a brand, the New York Jets have become very profitable. Forbes estimates the team’s worth at 2.75 billion dollars.

Attendance has remained in the top five in the league over the past three years. The loyal fan base has continued to show up even with the constant shifts in direction, even during a horrid campaign.

In the 17 years of ownership, there has never been a consistent winning culture. There have been short spurts of success followed by multiple years of disappointment. As an owner, the buck stops with Woody. The choices he has made over nearly two decades have shaped the history or the New York Jets. And that history has been, in a word, average.

During a “State of the Jets” address that Woody held on Thursday, he preached patience, something he has failed to show during his time as owner.

So, Here are the top five reasons why the Jets have not been a success under Johnson:

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