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Dallas Cowboys fan loses shorts in fight with New York Giants fan (Video)

The New York Giants beat the Dallas Cowboys on and off the field this year as fans decided to duke it out. One side firmly beat the other. 

A Dallas Cowboys fan lost his shorts (literally) after getting into a fight with a New York Giants fan earlier this season.

Check out the video above. One of these guys was thoroughly embarrassed.

The fight happened at the start of the season before a game in Dallas. The Cowboys fan was talking to a Giants fan while tailgating. A woman who was with the Cowboys fan told the Giants fan, “Hey, look, yelling at these two guys who don’t look like they’re scared of you one bit might not be the best idea.”

After the woman warned the Giants fan, the fan, who was wearing a Lawrence Taylor jersey, knocked the Cowboys fan out with one punch, according to Chris Yuscavage of Complex Sports. After getting knocked out the Cowboys fan laid on the ground for a few seconds. He then got up and run in the opposite direction and his shorts fell down as he was moving.

The trash talking continued after the Cowboys fan ran away as a guy in a Sean Lee jersey talked trash to Giants fans. However, he didn’t get physical with anyone.

Video of the fight surfaced recently, some four months after the incident.

H/T Complex

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