With six years and no NFL Playoffs, New York Jets fans will need to root for another team to win the Super Bowl this year.

To say 2016 was a rough year for people, would be an understatement.

In a year where we saw legends, from Prince to Arnold Palmer pass away, violence in the streets, and depending on your political views, the Presidential Election upset of the century, New York Jets fans could not find relief in the team they love.

The optimism created from a 2015 campaign that saw Todd Bowles lead the Jets to a 10-6 mark, and just outside of the playoffs, quickly was dissipated with a 1-5 start. The Jets would go on to win only four more games, including Sunday’s 30-10 win over the Rex Ryan-less Buffalo Bills. Jets fans are all too familiar with this bucket of ice water poured over their heads.

All reports are that General Manager Mike Maccagnan and head coach Todd Bowles’ jobs are safe. The Jets will have the No. 6 draft pick in April’s draft. Whether or not the decision from Florham Park is to draft a quarterback for the fourth time in four years will be of great discussion in the coming weeks. But for now, the NFL’s second season is prepping to kick off, and there is no reason for the heartbroken Jets fan not to enjoy it.

The New York Jets fan base is a loyal fan base, consistently a top draw in attendance. A fan base that can spew venom towards rival fan bases such as the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, or any other fan base that tries to invade MetLife Stadium for a Jets home game. But let’s face it, the fans from the greatest city in the world watch football, no matter who is playing.

If you are like most people, it is difficult to watch a game and not get invested in the success or failure of one of the teams. Since Jets fans no longer have a dog in the race, this should not prevent them from supporting one of the remaining teams.

I know, I know, “bandwagon fans,” I’m not saying go out and buy all the fan gear you can afford, but you can emotionally invest yourself into a team, and hope for their success.

No harm, no foul.

Don’t get misconstrued about this, though. There are teams you can root for this year, while others, simply cannot be touched, strictly based on principle. With that said, as a Jets fan, the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins are completely off limits. With the two being Division rivals, the only hope you should have for them is quick elimination.

But, if you are looking for a team to casually root for, here are the three you should get behind:

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