In an otherwise waste of a year, here are three positives from the 2016 New York Jets season, one that includes Quincy Enunwa.

The New York Jets had high expectations for the 2016 season. They just missed the playoffs in 2015 and they were going to try to recapture that 2015 magic. It failed in epic fashion.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was not the same player we saw from a year ago, the defense took a significant step back, and there was a litany of other issues that we aren’t going to get into. (Thankfully, so.)

2016 was a just a bad year in general, not just for the Jets. There were a ton of legends lost in 2016 from the sports world included. I think people, as well as the Jets, are trying to forget 2016.

To put a bright spin on things, here are three positives from the Jets this year.

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