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NYCFC new uniform hints to a darker side (Photo)

NYCFC has no doubt been very popular from the starting gate. From their world-class superstars to playing in a well-known venue like Yankee Stadium. But it may be the smart blue uniforms that completed the attire, literally and figuratively.

The merch division of NYCFC has not been a problem since the inception of New York City Football Club. Fans love it. They have bought them in droves. They are defined by it to a large degree. But it appears a change has been made.

Though it has not been officially announced, a Twitter release from @Gio_Trombetta and FootyHeadlines shows what appears to be a darker hue of blue home uniform for NYCFC.

It is identical, as far as team logo, adidas logo, and sponsor Etihad Airways print is concerned. It differs with three adidas stripes along the shoulders. It also has a V-neck cut running an inch down with a dark blue seam. The five boroughs are also printed inside the collar.

How will fans respond to the new kit? Hard to say.

You have fans who love tradition like New York Red Bulls supporters who still wear their old black and white MetroStar Jerseys from year one, but you also have a base of fans who like new things. The dark road uniforms will not be changed. This new one may have been better off introduced as a third jersey used for specific games during the course of the year to gauge its interest.

This is all speculation until the MLS makes an official announcement, but with other MLS Clubs tweaking their kits and according to MLS statista.com, 135 million U.S. dollars worth of soccer team uniforms sold in 2015, the demand is rising.

The evidence is hard to ignore. What kit do you prefer?

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